Do you have a healthy mouth?

What does a healthy mouth look like? How should a it feel, taste, smell, look and function? What criteria should we consider important for a mouth to be healthy? What factors can influence the health of the mouth during pregnancy, in childhood, the teenage years, throughout adulthood or during later life?

If you're not sure, we have established a reference you can look at. We've called this the Healthy Mouth Baseline.

The Healthy Mouth Baseline

Healthy Mouth Baseline at our practice is a series of features we have listed to help describe and identify what a healthy mouth should consist of. It is our goal for you!

With recent research identifying the Oral-Systemic (Mouth-Body) Connection - when your mouth is healthy, your whole body can benefit too! We call this Complete Health Dentistry.

Take a look at this video below:


After reviewing our Healthy Mouth criteria, if you feel the condition of your mouth could be improved, please give us a call right now or book online here! We can help!

To start with, we can schedule a dental check up appointment for you, at our practice. At Melbourne Dentistry we can examine your mouth, teeth and gums and look at what steps you can take to achieve oral health and then also maintain it, over the long term. We look at what factors in your life could be impacting your oral health. We also focus on what's important for you during different stages of life.

The Power of Habit

If your mouth already has all the healthy features listed above - that's absolutely brilliant! Ensure you continue to value and support you oral health with consistency of care. Consistency is the key. Consistency works because it takes advantage of the power of habit!

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Try to practice brushing your teeth slowly, take about 3-4 minutes and undertake interdental cleaning twice a day. Maintain good hydration and a nutritious low sugar/sugar free diet too. If you smoke, try to give up as soon as you have the capacity to do so. In addition, attend the dentist for a professional active maintenance appointment every 6 months. A 6 monthly dental examination and teeth cleaning visit with remineralising treatment to follow would be ideal.

These oral hygiene and dietary goals are valuable. We believe they will help you reduce problems, ensure any potential issues are identified early or prevented altogether. A good routine will help keep your mouth clean and healthy on a consistent basis throughout your whole life.