Dental Health Care for Your Family

Consistent and timely dental care is an important element amongst the many responsibilities associated with raising a healthy family. We have termed this concept - family dental care or family dentistry.

A life course approach to your family's dental care can have a significant and positive impact on the long term health of your family. Each family member will have different treatment needs influenced by their stage of life. Specific developmental milestones can be supported with tailored dental care to optimise the health of your growing brood.

As any parent well knows, family responsibilities around caring for children may range from keeping them healthy and happy, to teaching them independence and routines for how to best care for themselves into adulthood.  This also includes, promoting the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate life long dental health. We can help you with educating your family members to value preventive dental care for themselves and each other.

Family Priorities and Family Dental Care

Dental health concerns have many implications throughout life - physical, psychological and financial. Dental issues may affect the whole family's health.

Pressures on the family in the form of time, budget and past dental experiences may also impact dental health. Family priorities are, generally, focused on the children. Parents – either mum, dad, or both, may often put themselves last. At Melbourne Dentistry, we believe, with consistent oral health behaviours and conversations in your home, you can be caring for yourself and caring for your whole family.

Attending dental appointments routinely, as a family unit (whether at the same time or not), will also help keep you dentally fit, and dentally informed. It can also reinforce to your children, the importance of regular dental visits, as a normal part of life.

Your Family's Dental Home

At Melbourne Dentistry, we aim to be your family’s dental home. We aim to be a place where each member of your family has a trusted and comfortable relationship with our team - for long term continuity of care, optimal dental health outcomes and, we believe, a positive experience of dentistry for your entire family.

Our family dentistry program focuses on preventive dental care as the best way to keep teeth healthy for life. This can help keep the costs associated with family dental care, more manageable, over the longer term.

Supporting Your Family's Dental Health

Work, school, sports and events may keep you going from morning to night. Our approach involves regularly accommodating your family in a timely manner, keeping visits happy and helping you keep track of dental schedules more easily.

Educating you, and each member of your family on the best ways to enhance dental health will help support positive dental hygiene habits and dietary choices. Timely guidance about anticipated treatment needs, at different stages of life, will also help you plan for what may be ahead.