Your Child's Dental Home

Childhood is a critical time in life for all growth and development. Much of what happens to affect the health of your child, will influence the health and well being of the future adult your child will grow up to be.

Children's dentistry will help support the healthy growth and development of your child’s future adult face, dentition and smile. It is therefore significant for dental care to begin in early childhood A child's oral health can be optimised when a dental home (family dental practice) is established early.

Most acquired dental and oral diseases which occur during childhood are completely preventable. 

The self care routines and dietary habits of adults, are usually behaviours taught, and established for children by their parents/care-givers. The role and impact of daily habits will have far-reaching consequences for oral health too. 

What you teach your child about dental care will be pivotal for their lifelong oral and overall health.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

The Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first dental visit be conducted within 6 months from the eruption of their first tooth, and no later than at 12 months of age.

One aim at the first dental visit is to provide you, the parent, with guidance about managing your child’s oral health, dental hygiene and developing diet. 

The dental team also has the opportunity to build positive rapport with your child, before treatment is required. Early routine appointments can help your child become a confident little patient, comfortable with dental visits as a regular part of life.

Waiting until your child has a dental problem, before establishing a dental home, may result in more complex issues and perhaps, extensive dental treatment. You and your child may miss a window of opportunity to prevent future dental problems and minimise the need for invasive dental procedures when the first dental visit is delayed.

Children's Dentistry can be a Positive Routine for Both Parents and Children.

At Melbourne Dentistry, we aim to help your child achieve and maintain excellent oral health, a well-functioning bite and beautiful smile throughout life. We value providing the highest quality comprehensive dental care in an environment comfortable for both child and parent.

Dr Maria and her team have a wealth of experience in putting children at ease during their dental visits. We will do our best to help your little ones grow up to become confident and consistent adult dental patients. We focus on preventive dental care and recommend this begin early. Hence, we treat youngsters of all ages.

Dental Appointments for Children

Our team encourages parents to remain in the treatment room with their children, to minimise anxiety for parent or child.

The behaviour management techniques we use, focus on providing a positive and fun environment for children during their appointments. Children are encouraged to learn, appreciate and value caring for their teeth.

We provide appointments in a comfortable and pleasant professional environment we see children enjoy and are happy to return to. A successful dental visit will also give you peace of mind in managing your child’s dental health.

Parents are encouraged to always speak positively about dental care and the dentist when talking to children. This can reinforce a positive thought process and attitude regarding dental health and dentistry.

A Child-Friendly Dental Practice

Our dental practice is child friendly. We have a wide selection of children’s books and non-toxic wooden toys for your child to feel catered for, and engage with.

May we suggest our list of children’s dental books, available for you as a patient information sheet in our resources section here. (Suggested Reading - Dental Books for Children). Some topics may help reduce dental anxiety, begin conversations with your child and offer positive guidance about dental health.

At each dental examination, your child will receive an age appropriate 'Healthy Smile' dental pack. Children's positive efforts will be rewarded with dentally relevant accomplishment stickers, colouring sheets and balloons after each dental visit.

Anticipatory Guidance in Children's Dentistry

Growth and development is very predictable. It can be anticipated and guided through education and carefully timed interventions. Anticipatory guidance involves anticipating problems, preventing them from occurring and addressing them when they first occur, to prevent ongoing issues.

Learning the different stages of your child’s dental development and how to provide the best care for each successive stage, will enable preventable pitfalls or problems to be avoided.

Teaching your child consistent self care routines and dietary habits early will help establish powerful and positive behaviour patterns, likely to influence your child's whole life.

We value providing timely guidance and advice regarding preventive dental care. We advise on anticipated milestones, likely concerns and future treatment needs for your child. Our goal is to help you support your children's dental development and plan for what may be ahead.


We look forward to keeping your child’s teeth strong, clean and healthy and protecting their smile for life!