At Melbourne Dentistry, we help you feel confident about your Oral Health.

Melbourne Dentistry is an independent general dental practice located on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, providing high quality comprehensive dental care. Our practice offers a full range of advanced dental treatments focusing on Prevention. We appreciate the importance of combining your oral health and aesthetic goals - to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We value protecting your smile and your health at every stage of life. Using a Complete Health care model, we look at how your oral health may relate to your overall health. We focus on the importance of control of oral bacteria and gum health to your overall health - to optimise your consistency in gum care.

A life course approach to dental care  is also recommended, to focus on specific dental needs at significant times in life. Preparing you for what may be ahead can help optimise oral health and well being throughout all of life. 

When dental restorations are required, we practice Biomimetic Dentistry, a leading, Minimally Invasive restorative technique to more successfully rebuild and conserve your natural tooth structure for the long term. With these advanced techniques, our goal is to prevent and diagnose problems early, to reduce the level of intervention required over your life time.

White filling materials are chosen and placed in a way to work more in synergy with the mechanical properties of your tooth, to help your restored tooth and restoration last as long as possible.  The aim is to reduce a cycle of refilling teeth, to minimise the likelihood of tooth loss over your lifetime. Restorations are designed to look natural, with beautiful aesthetics and optimal structural properties.

Based on scientific evidence and extensive clinical experience, treatment advice is delivered ethically, with professionalism, trust and understanding.

We value providing a positive dental experience, promptly. Our team utilises the latest dental technology, with gentle techniques, in a comfortable professional environment.


Welcome to Melbourne Dentistry - You can feel confident about your Oral Health!