Feel Confident About Your Oral Health

Melbourne Dentistry is an independent general dental practice, located on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD. We focus on providing advanced Comprehensive Dental Care.

Our mission - to help you feel confident about your oral health care.

Comprehensive Dental Care is about using a global approach in the management of your dental health care. We consider a wide range of perspectives about you and your oral health. Dental treatment can then be provided in a thorough and careful way.


About Feeling Confident in Your Oral Health 

What does feeling confident about your oral health mean to you? To us, this means helping you feel like you are in the right place, being looked after by the right people.

We aim to get to know you and understand your circumstances.  We are generous with our time and want you to feel comfortable attending our practice. Time is taken to correctly diagnose your needs and to provide advanced dental treatment in a precise, gentle and calming way.  This, we believe will help you feel confident in your dental care and also achieve the best results for you. 

Providing a positive professional environment and a solution for your needs is essential to our practice philosophy. We hope our goals align with your expectations and you do feel confident in your oral health under our care.


About Comprehensive Dental Care

Comprehensive Dental Care at our practice means we listen to your concerns and try to consider all factors about you in diagnosing your issues and proposing a response which will achieve the best health outcome for you.

We consider - your concerns, anxieties and feelings, medical and family history, your current state of health, life circumstances, oral condition, health needs and goals.

We view your unique circumstances considering prevention, aesthetics, the mouth-body connection, with a life course model of your oral health care. Then, we try to utilise minimal treatment approaches or interventions when required. This is because your teeth are less likely to be over-treated during each stage of your life.

With this comprehensive approach, we aim to put you in a stronger position - with more teeth and tooth structure remaining for the subsequent stages of your life.


1.      Prevention, by way of Active Maintenance

2.     Advanced Minimally Invasive, Biomimetic Restorative Techniques (to keep rebuilt teeth strong)

3.     Ideal, Natural-Looking Aesthetics

4.     A Complete Health Care Model - considering the mouth/body connection

5.     A Life Course Approach - focused Stage of Life Specific Preventive Dental Care


  • Up to Date Technologies
  • Gentle and Comfortable Treatment
  • Trusted Communication
  • Time. -  to talk, discuss and listen and perform the best dentistry

Providing our patients:

  • High Quality, Long Lasting Results.


About Melbourne Dentistry

Based on scientific evidence and extensive clinical experience, we deliver treatment advice ethically, with professionalism, trust and understanding. By tailoring treatment to the individual - we look at what is important for you - to protect your dentition and your health.

We value providing a positive dental experience, promptly. Our team utilizes the latest dental technology, with gentle techniques, in a comfortable environment. Feel confident about attending to your dental health needs at our practice.


Welcome to Melbourne Dentistry - You Can feel Confident about your Oral Health!