Consistent Adult Dental Health

Dental care for adults should be consistent. However, consistent adult dental health can sometimes be difficult to achieve or maintain. Why? Consistency in dental care. Daily schedules, responsibilities, events and life challenges make significant demands on your time. How you juggle life may affect how well you care for yourself day-to-day, and, over the longer term.

At Melbourne Dentistry, we value providing consistent and comprehensive dental care for adults. We aim to be your dental home and provide stability in your dental care.

Our practice can help you with high quality comprehensive dental advice, treatments and preventive strategies to keep you dentally fit.

Let us help you with your dental care so it is a straight forward, consistent normal part of life.Build a professional relationship with our dental team, through respect, trust and understanding. With regular review, flexible scheduling and timely follow-up, we can assist you with consistency in your dental routine.

Self Care Challenges for Adults Dental Health

The routines and practices people are taught in early life, particularly around dietary choices and self-care, are likely to be the routines continued into adulthood. Some may not be ideal.

Also, dental experiences in childhood can contribute to phobias or anxieties about dental treatment. We understand these issues and can help you maintain your dental health, with gentle techniques, respectfully, in a comfortable professional environment.

Oral Health Issues In Adulthood

Dental challenges in mid-life often depend on the condition of teeth when entering adulthood.

Gum problems – particularly gum inflammation, may significantly influence both oral and overall health. Gum problems may often progress fairly silently in early stages. But untreated and advancing gum disease may eventually lead to extensive tooth loss. The bacteria associated with gum problems may also contribute to inflammatory issues throughout the whole body.

Regular 6 monthly dental reviews are of value. Maintaining gum health is a critical part of dental care for all adults. Dental care is also paramount to sustain the longevity of your teeth and oral structures. Preventing tooth decay to minimize the need for repeated fillings is an important part of helping you maintain your teeth.

Teeth also wear with normal function or following prolonged grinding activities. Grinding in the presence of gastric (reflux) or dietary acids can be destructive. Preventing damage from destructive wear should be addressed to protect loss of valuable tooth structure and enable your bite to remain functional.  If you wish to improve the look of your teeth, aesthetic dental treatments can add to your quality of life. Preventive dentistry may further minimise long-term costs of dental care and make consistent attendance more achievable financially.

The Influence of Hormones on Oral Health

For women, hormonal changes associated with menstruation, contraception, fertility treatments, pregnancy, breast feeding and later, menopause and post menopause may also increase the likelihood of dental problems.

The Mouth-Body Connection and Adult Dental Health

Medical and dental conditions may begin to surface during adulthood.  The emerging effects of genetics and/or lifestyle habits or perhaps even accidents can impact your oral health status. Recent studies have identified links between oral and overall health termed the Mouth-Body Connection. Associations have been found with certain medical conditions such as coronary artery disease and diabetes and oral health.  Consulting with your medical practitioners for general health may help keep some dental problems at bay. This way you ensure dental care is comprehensive and optimal. We recognise these issues with our Complete Health Dentistry care model. Adult dental health can then more consistent.