Custom Made Mouthguards

The best mouthguards for your mouth are the ones that best protect you from injury while training for or playing your favourite sports. The way a mouthguard fits you and its construction will determine how well it is able to protect you. A well fitting mouthguard, such as a custom fitted, laminated (multi-layered) mouthguard provides the best protection available from sports injury.

The majority of sporting organisations currently require sports participants to wear a mouthguard. Wearing a custom-fitted laminated mouthguard reduces the degree of force transmitted to the head if traumatic contacts occur - to minimise potential injury risks to the teeth, face and jaws.

At Melbourne Dentistry, we recommend:

  • A custom fitted, pressure-thermoformed laminated mouthguard be worn in preference to an over-the-counter or boil and bite mouthguard during both training, and playing sport.
  • A mouthguard should be worn for any sport that involves speed and the potential for collisions, with a risk of contact injury to the head and face.
  • A mouthguard should be worn during:

    BaseballCycling (racing)Lacrosse and HurlingRacquetballSnow SportsVolley Ball
    BasketballField Hockey and Ice HockeyMixed Martial ArtsRugbySoccerWater Polo
    Boxing and KickboxingFootballPoloRollerblading, Skating and SkateboardingSurfingWeightlifting
    CricketGymnasticsNetballSkydivingTrack and FieldWrestling


Benefits of a Custom fitted Mouthguard

When worn during training or playing sport, a custom fitted laminated mouthguard will:

  • considerably reduce the risks of injury to your upper front teeth;
  • reduce the risks of damage to your upper or lower back teeth, after a traumatic closure of the lower jaw (i.e. your opposing teeth will be protected from traumatic contacts against each other);
  • considerably reduce your risk of mouth and lip lacerations;

  • reduce the risk of damage to your tongue at impact;

  • reduce the risk of fractures of your lower jaw (body of the mandible) and of your mandibular condyles (sub-condylar fractures);

  • reduce the risk of damage to your TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint);

  • if worn over orthodontics, a mouthguard will reduce the risk of penetrating injuries to you, or other players, from the brackets and wiring in your orthodontic treatment.

Mouthguards and Concussion Prevention

Currently, there is no evidence to support the role of custom fitted mouthguards in the prevention of concussion injuries. Custom fitted mouthguards can only be relied upon to afford protection against orofacial injuries.

Features of Custom Fitted Mouthguards

  • A Tailored, Retentive Fit with Appropriate Jaw Coverage

A custom fitted mouthguard is tailored to your mouth and made appropriate for your particular sporting activity. It is fabricated by being adapted to a stone cast from an impression of your mouth. This allows the mouthguard to cover both the teeth in your upper arch and the surrounding tissues. It can then provide maximum retention and resistance to dislodgement.

Being more snug, and secure to wear, a custom fitted mouthguard will stay in place to protect you. Unlike an over the counter mouthguard, it does not require you to actively keep your teeth clenched for it to remain in place. A custom made mouthguard will stay in place with no effort, so you can focus on your game.

  • Includes your 'Bite Signature'

The individualised construction of a custom made mouthguard enables your unique 'bite signature' (an imprint of your opposing teeth) to be incorporated into the mouthguard surface, when an impression of your lower teeth is also taken. Not all custom made mouthguards are made with this feature. The inclusion of the reciprocal indentations lower teeth can fit into, permits a seated and equilibrated occlusion. This creates a balanced platform for an even contact in your bite, greater stability and ideal absorption of impact energy.

  • Has a Multi - Layered, High Quality Construction

Custom fitted mouthguards, made from multiple layers of biocompatible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material, fused together with pressure and heat, are significantly better at absorbing impact energy. They offer better protection to oral structures than mouthguards (custom or over-the-counter) made from a single layer of this material, or, more ridge materials.

The elasticity (deformation and recovery) of a mouthguard's material will determines its energy absorption. The greater the elasticity of the material, the greater its capacity for absorbing, distributing and dissipating impact energy. When a mouthguard is made from multiple layers of appropriate material, the laminated material returns or rebounds more slowly, reducing the harmful effects of rebound energy following impact.

Ridge inserts in mouthguards should be avoided as they reduce the energy absorption properties of a mouthguard. This is because these inserts will concentrate (rather than spread) impact energy at the point of traumatic contact.

Advantages of Custom Fitted Mouthguards

A custom fitted mouthguard is checked for fit and function when issued to you at your dental visit. It will be more comfortable and easier to wear, hence, you will be more likely to wear it.

Custom fitted mouthguards will prevent and minimize damage to your teeth and jaws without compromising or restricting your speech, ability to breathe or sporting performance. They can be made for any age, sport, level of competition, past injury history or to protect orthodontic treatment and have negligible deformation when worn over time.

An over-the-counter mouthguard, unfortunately, does not fit as well as a custom fitted mouthguard, cannot absorb shock sufficiently, and will not protect you or your child adequately.

PLAYSAFE® Mouthguards

At Melbourne Dentistry, we recommend PLAYSAFE® mouthguards. A PLAYSAFE® mouthguard provides 12 times more protection than a standard boil and bite mouth guard. This type of mouthguard consists of 3 full layers of protective material, in 4 different mouth guard types and is specifically prescribed for your needs.

Using high quality, German made Erkodent® biocompatible thermoforming materials, PLAYSAFE® mouthguards are ISO Certified for safety and BPA free. Our PLAYSAFE® mouthguards are made with an imprint of your opposing bite and thus incorporate a surrounding 'buccal shield', a protective border to prevent excessive movements of the lower jaw in lateral (side) impacts.

Custom Fitted PLAYSAFE® Mouthguards

PLAYSAFE® mouthguards are the only custom made and fitted mouthguard recommended by Australia’s peak sporting body, Sports Medicine Australia. Independently tested and assessed by Universities, PLAYSAFE® mouthguards are relied upon by elite athletes worldwide for their proven state of the art protection in reducing the risk of injury, while providing the comfort for athletes to perform confidently at their best.

We always take both an upper and lower impression of your teeth and jaw contours and record your bite signature for the construction of our PLAYSAFE® mouthguards. This is to ensure your mouthguard is the most comfortable, protective and stable mouthguard we are able to provide. On issuing you your mouthguard, Dr Maria will check the fit of your the guard and provide you with care and maintenance advice to ensure the optimum performance and longevity of your appliance.

PLAYSAFE® mouthguards are made for our practice by Prostec Laboratories located in Wembley, Western Australia. We only use Prostec Laboratories to ensure the provision of authentic PLAYSAFE® mouthguards for all our patients. PLAYSAFE® mouthguards can be constructed for you within 3 to 4 working days.

Costs Of A Mouthguard

The annual costs for the preventive value of your custom fitted mouthguard are minimal, especially when compared to the potential financial, physiological and psychological costs associated with dental and facial injuries. Cut lips, damaged and dislodged teeth, dislocated and broken jaws may require expensive and life long dental procedures (such as root canal treatments, crowns or surgery for dental implants to reconstruct your smile to what it once was). The results of dental trauma can affect your self-esteem, and your smile confidence.

Don't risk your teeth, or your child’s teeth with inferior quality products. As children’s jaws grow, and primary teeth are being lost, it may be necessary to replace a custom fitted mouthguard each season, until the adult teeth are in place and the growth spurt slows.

When you consider the investments made for other pieces of sporting equipment, such as sneakers, bats or helmets and fees for training sessions - a comparable cost invested in a high quality mouthguard, to protect your teeth and face it is not excessive.