A Comprehensive Approach to Preventive Dental Care

We value excellence in dental care and maintaining your total health. The best way to achieve these goals, we believe, is via a Comprehensive Approach. This encompasses using the most up to date dental techniques and technologies. 

Minimally invasive treatment approaches are undertaken with advanced biomimetic restorative techniques to achieve natural-looking aesthetic outcomes.  We recommend supportive therapies to actively prevent future issues and practice a care model of considering your oral health, as it relates to your overall health and specific to your stage in life. Combining these 5 core philosophies allows us to provide our patients with a very high standard of dental health care.


We value developing open and comfortable communication - with all our patients - in an environment of trust and understanding. We believe good communication will facilitate long-term professional care and support your health throughout the normal ebbs and flows of life.

Where necessary, we to refer to Victoria's top specialist practitioners, for unrestricted access to the best and widest range of specialist treatments available in dentistry today. Creating an open dialogue between your general medical practitioner and other medical and dental specialists will ensure you have a coordinated treatment plan to enable the best solutions, and outcome, for any situation that arises.

Dental Materials

Only TGA approved dental materials and therapies are used for treatments and restorations at our practice. All of our ceramic and prosthetic reconstructions are made in Australia. We only work with quality local dental laboratories to ensure the treatments we provide are reliable and of the highest calibre.

Our Comprehensive Approach:

1.      Prevention, by way of Active Maintenance

2.     Advanced Minimally Invasive, Biomimetic Restorative Techniques (to keep rebuilt teeth strong)

3.     Ideal, Natural-Looking Aesthetics

4.     A Complete Health Care Model - considering the mouth/body connection

5.     A Life Course Approach considering Stage of Life Specific Dental Care



  • Up to Date Technologies
  • Gentle and Comfortable Treatment
  • Trusted Communication


Providing our patients:

  • High Quality, Long Lasting Results.


At Melbourne Dentistry we value Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care - to protect both your smile and your health at every stage of life.