A Comprehensive Approach to Preventive Dental Care

We value excellence in dental care and maintaining your total health. The best way to achieve these goals, we believe, is via a Comprehensive Approach.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses a care model where we consider a wide range of perspectives about you and your health. Assessments and treatments at our practice are undertaken using the most up to date dental techniques and technologies. 

Most importantly, our comprehensive approach involves time. We take the time to talk to you about your treatment, and then take the time needed to perform and produce the best possible dentistry for you. 

At Melbourne Dentistry minimally invasive treatment approaches are used and undertaken with advanced Biomimetic restorative techniques.  This allows natural-looking aesthetic outcomes to be achieved for you in the most conservative way possible. 

We also recommend supportive therapies to actively prevent future oral health issues.

We practice a care model of considering your oral health, as it relates to your overall health  and is specific to your stage in life. Combining these 5 core philosophies  - Preventive, Aesthetic, Complete Health, Life Time and Biomimetic Dentistry allows us to provide our patients with a very high standard of dental health care.



A preventive approach helps you better preserve your teeth for later life and more comfortable living into older age.

Our practice offers a full range of advanced dental treatments focusing on Prevention. We aim to prevent and diagnose problems early, to reduce the level of dental intervention you may require over your life time - to reduce your likelihood of tooth loss, at every stage of life.

We value approaching the prevention of disease processes with action that respects a life course view of your mouth. 

If dental decay, tooth breakdown or tooth wear is occurring, we look at addressing the causes. When fillings or treatments to rebuild your teeth are required, we recommend using an additive approach, with minimal preparation of your teeth whenever possible.



Your aesthetic concerns and general health status are equally relevant in comprehensive care. These are not mutually exclusive ideas - jointly, they provide you with the motivation for consistency in your long term oral health care.

At Melbourne Dentistry, we value the importance of combining your oral health and aesthetic goals - to achieve exceptional outcomes.  Pleasing, natural looking aesthetics and health goals can both be achieved with minimal intervention approaches - when dental care is consistent. We want your smile to look good, feel good and be healthy!


Complete Health

Using a Complete Health care model, we look at how your oral health may relate to your overall health (known as the mouth-body connection). This is the relationship between oral bacteria and gum health to inflammation and one's overall health.

Here, we focus on the importance of controlling oral bacteria, to optimise your consistency in gum care. Both your medical history and family history are considered in relation to their potential impact on your oral health.


Life Time Care

A life course approach to dental care is the philosophy we follow to protect both your smile and your health at every stage of life. We work with you on specific dental needs, at significant (developmental/medical/age related) times in life. Preparing you for what may be ahead, to optimize consistency in both oral and overall health, throughout all of your life.



When dental restorations are required, we practice Biomimetic Dentistry - a leading, Minimally Invasive restorative technique. Biomimetic Dentistry more successfully rebuilds and conserves your natural tooth structure for the long term.

Treatments with Biomimetic techniques reduce a cycle of refilling your teeth. If a cycle of repeated dental fillings in a tooth is avoided, then the likelihood of more complex treatments such as a crown or root canal being required (for the tooth) is reduced. Tooth loss will then be less likely.

Biomimetic dental restorations are designed to look natural. Beautiful aesthetics can be achieved with these treatments, along with optimal structural properties. White filling materials and ceramics are chosen and placed in a way to work more in synergy with the mechanical properties of your tooth. These biomimetic materials are better able to support your tooth's integrity during chewing function.  Further, they improve your treatment outcomes, helping both your restored tooth, and the restoration to last for as long as possible.


Dental Materials

Only TGA approved dental materials and therapies are used for treatments and restorations at our practice. All of our ceramic and prosthetic reconstructions are made in Australia. We only work with quality local dental laboratories to ensure the treatments we provide are reliable and of the highest calibre.



We value developing open and comfortable communication - with all our patients - in an environment of trust and understanding. We believe good communication will facilitate long-term professional care and support your health throughout the normal ebbs and flows of life.

Where necessary, we to refer to Victoria's top specialist practitioners, for unrestricted access to the best and widest range of specialist treatments available in dentistry today. Creating an open dialogue between your general medical practitioner and other medical and dental specialists will ensure you have a coordinated treatment plan to enable the best solutions, and outcome, for any situation that arises.



Comprehensive Dental Care is best achieved with good communication and time. We take the time to talk with you, to get to know you. Listening to you and hearing about what is important to you. It allows us to discover and recognise what issues are relevant for you.

We take time to appreciate your circumstances. Similarly, time is taken to discuss findings and explain your potential treatment options and outcomes. What happens if nothing is done? This is important too.

We also encourage you to take your time. This means taking time away from the practice to consider all the options discussed - if that's what is required. Only then is time scheduled for your treatment - when you are ready to proceed.

Time and skill are needed to practice comprehensive dental care well. We need time to perform and produce the best possible dentistry for you.


At Melbourne Dentistry we value Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care. We take the time to protect both your smile and your health at every stage of life.