Advanced, Gentle Teeth Cleaning 

At Melbourne Dentistry, we clean your teeth a different way. We perform Guided Biofilm Therapy® (GBT) with Airflow®, a minimally invasive, safe and gentle process to remove the dental biofilm from your teeth, soft tissues, dental implants and restorations.  Guided Biofilm Therapy® is a real game changer for gum health. It is the most effective, thorough and state of the art approach to removing oral bacteria to help you maintain healthy gums.


Guided Biofilm Therapy® for better Gum Health

But what exactly is Guided Biofilm Therapy®Guided Biofilm Therapy® is a systematic, scientific approach to treating the biofilm in your mouth.  Why should you routinely have GBT?  How does GBT differ from traditional teeth cleaning techniques?  This is the new teeth cleaning. Simply put it is a better way of professional teeth cleaning and more comprehensive way of managing your gum health. It will enable you to achieve better gum health.

Airflow® for better Gum Health

The Airflow® Prophylaxis Master is the technology used in GBT to clean your teeth and gums. Airflow® is a Swiss made, precision technology. It won't scratch or damage your tooth, dental implant or ceramic/veneer surface.   We no longer need to scrape your teeth with hand scalers the traditional way. Airflow® uses high pressure water and Erythritol (edible) based Plus Powder. 

Painless Teeth Cleaning

Your teeth can be cleaned with little to no sensitivity. Airflow® has a variable temperature setting, which we can adjust to your comfort level. Water temperature can vary from 10 to 40 degrees celsius. In fact, adults with sensitive teeth (due to gum shrinkage/recession and gum disease) will be amazed at how comfortable a professional teeth cleaning can be.

Your children will also love GBT with Airflow®. The teeth cleaning appointment is not only fun and educational, but super comfortable, especially for anxious children. 

Aiflow® is the safest teeth cleaning technology for people with chalky teeth as it won't scratch or weaken fragile tooth enamel.

We also recommend Airflow® for people with dry mouths as it is very gentle on vulnerable oral tissues.

Airflow® for better Whitening Results

Airflow® will remove superficial tooth enamel stains, including stains in the hard to reach surfaces and angles between your teeth. Your tooth enamel will appear glossier and shinier after cleaning with Airflow®.

However, if you are interested in enhancing the colour of your teeth beyond optimal hygiene, you could consider teeth whitening.  We recommend GBT with Airflow® prior to Zoom whitening for optimum teeth whitening results.  Tooth whitening gels will be more effective when applied to a thoroughly clean tooth surface.

Look after Your Gums and You will have a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

A healthy and clean mouth will look good. We can work with you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile with the most advanced technology available. Get started. Contact us today for a comprehensive examination and teeth cleaning appointment on 9650 0033 or schedule your own appointment after viewing available times at