Good oral health is essential at all ages.

Being able to enjoy the rewards of healthy dentition by eating well, talking comfortably and smiling confidently, adds pleasure to life. Regular, high quality dental care is important to sustain health in later years and protect the investments made in caring for teeth and gums throughout life.

At Melbourne Dentistry we can tailor a preventive program, specific to your circumstances, so your future treatment needs and costs may be minimized.

Oral Health Changes With Ageing

Throughout the course of life, changes occur in the mouth. Age related changes to the appearance, texture and function of oral tissues may alter both how the smile looks and how the mouth feels.

Your mouth may feel drier if salivary flow has reduced. Cheek and lip tissues may feel thinner or more sensitive. Gums may be slightly receded, and the teeth, a darker colour, unevenly worn or more crowded. The appearance of your smile may have changed, and may now be something you would like to improve.

With maturity, your oral health may become compromised by the cumulative effects of a lifetime of oral disorders such as dental decay, gum disease and activities such as teeth grinding, smoking, trauma from sports or accidents, and ageing dental work. As a consequence, your bite may have altered and your chewing function may feel less effective.

General health and wellbeing can also change, even deteriorate, over time. There is a relationship between oral health and overall health termed the mouth-body connection. Certain medical conditions and medications can affect your teeth and gums. Bacteria from oral diseases may, in turn, affect general health or complicate the stability of some medical conditions.

Modern dental treatments at our practice can help you stay dentally fit and healthy. At Melbourne Dentistry, we aim to keep your mouth comfortable during the senior years, so you continue to enjoy your smile and healthy oral function - throughout your whole life!