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Wear a Face Mask?

Wear a Face Mask?

Do you need to wear a face mask to go to the dentist? From Sunday 02 August, 2020, all individuals attending our dental practice, aged 12 years and older, are expected to be wearing a facial covering such as a disposable or cloth mask, scarf, buff or bandana over their nose and mouth upon entry to the practice.

Wearing a face covering is a legal requirement for all members of the community in Metropolitan Melbourne during Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions.  Wearing a face mask will help protect you, and others around you, from any aerosols in your vicinity which could potentially transmit the COVID-19 virus. Further government information regarding the wearing of face masks can be found here.

Face masks have been worn during global pandemics throughout history. Numerous countries around the world have adopted the public health strategy during this pandemic too. Wearing a face mask will help stem the spread of the SARS-COVID-19 virus where social distancing is difficult to achieve.

Earlier this year, the community of New York was ravaged by COVID-19 infections. Face masks were recommended to be worn to help their community stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In fact, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo created a competition for a public service announcement video advertisement regarding the wearing of face masks. The competition was open to the general public. From more than 600 submissions, there were five finalists. The winning entry is shown below. We think its cool! Take a look 🙂